As the practical test at the end of the semester cannot take place, an alternative test has been set up to complete the validation of the knowledge acquired during the experimental photonics courses of semester 8. The learning tested is the learning common to the practical sessions or to the alternative on line sessions, and concerns the two blocks (“Aberrations” and “Detectors and Noise”).

Tested skills are those described below in paragraph “Adapted learning goals”.
The test is an online test, on the eCampus platform. It will take place on Wednesday 13 May from 15:00 to 16:15 for all groups.

A revision session, including a training test, is scheduled on May 05, to allow you to prepare yourself serenely.

The score obtained in this test will be taken into account for 30% of the UE 8P-169-PHO Photonique expérimentale 2ème année. The remaining 70% corresponds to the continuous assessment mark, obtained by the average of the semester’s reports (practical work and on line sessions).

Adapted learning goals

At the end of sessions Aberrations you will be able to:

  • Analyze quantitatively the performances of an optical system according to the situations of use (conjugation, field, numerical aperture, …), and recognize simple geometrical aberrations such as coma, astigmatism, spherical aberration, chromatism.
  • Establish the adequacy or the limits of an optical system with the imaging application for which it is dedicated.

At the end of sessions Detectors and noise, you will be able to:

  • identify the specificities of the different spectral bands (visible and infrared)
  • estimate the different noise contributions of a detector
  • propose a method for checking whether a system is limited by photon noise