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This week is devoted to:

  • discovering the context and general issues,
  • defining the specific problem each team wishes to tackle,
  • choosing the scientific approach and resources to be used,
  • planning the various stages and sharing tasks,

and may include preparatory experiments.


A presentation by Projet Celsius is scheduled for Wednesday, November 08, from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. in room S2.03, to train teams in the life cycle analysis approach. Supervisors are welcome to attend if they wish.

Friday morning, November 10, will be devoted to oral presentations. The rest of the week is to be organized with each team.


A first deliverable is requested at the end of this first week, in the form of an oral team presentation, which aims to :

  • place the proposed experiment in a scientific and industrial context,
  • define the problem to be addressed (and the precise experiment to be carried out),
  • present an approach to the problem,
  • highlight difficult technical points,
  • list the knowledge and skills to be acquired by each team member,
  • draw up a schedule, specifying deadlines (particularly for purchases), and a breakdown of tasks,
  • present the choices made by the team in terms of organization and documentation (team operating rules, digital document tracking platform, etc.).

Evaluation grid

To assess the quality of the results obtained at the end of the first week of DEPhI projects, a (self-)evaluation grid is provided. (in French):

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DEPhI • Week 1 : “Why? How?”